Children's Garden -- 12th St & Ave B

Entrance at 546 East 12th Street (southwest corner)

Updated: 1/9/2020

* In November 2018, our community garden became a public food scrap drop-off site through DSNY (NYC Dept of Sanitation). So, people can now find our drop-off site online (link at end of this paragraph), and DSNY is picking up part of our dropped-off food waste on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Most of the food waste is processed (fermented) at the garden, and then used to amend the soil or to produce compost for the gardens and the community (non-garden members can request for some of the compost and amended soil).
Link: NYC Food Scrap Drop-Off Locations [El Sol Brillante-Children's Garden, 546 E 12th St]

Before now, our 24-hour food waste drop-off location, since 2010, was not publicized; people found out about our drop-off site either by word of mouth, by those who took our workshops, or if they passed by the garden and noticed the drop-off setup.

Initially, from Nov 14, 2018 (Wed), we've been putting about 5 to 15 lbs of food waste in DSNY's brown bin (and later, filling it up, ~50+ lbs, more often) for pickup 3 times a week. We were at that time getting roughly 30-40 lbs and sometimes more of food waste a day. By June 2019, with an increase in dropped off food waste, we requested additional brown bins; from June 10, 2019, we had 3 brown bins on hand. Below are graphs and data of the amount of food waste we've processed at both community gardens combined.

CG Dropoff Bins
Before Nov. 2018
CG Dropoff Bins
Before November 2018
CG Dropoff Site
From November 2018
CG Dropoff Bins
From Nov. 2018, DSNY's brown bin & our bin
CG Dropoff Bins
From Nov. 2018, DSNY's drop-off brown bin sign

tons per year
lbs per month
bokashi amounts

The data that created the graphs above.


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