Children's Garden -- 12th St & Ave B

Brown Bins Pickup Days by DSNY (Sanitation) — front of the Children's Garden 544 E 12th St

Updated: 2/18/2020

Pickup Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays — put brown bins by the curb by 4 pm.
Report any pickup day that was missed by Sanitation other than below (notify Shig to report to DSNY).

No Pickup Days 2020 (Holidays Observed by DSNY):

Other Days DSNY may not pick up: Snow days — DSNY trucks are prepped/used for shoveling snow.


Placement in the Garden

Curb Placement

  1. On pickup days, by 4 pm, put the brown bins on the left of the fire hydrant (closest to the garden gate). Do Not Block or put too close to the hydrant in case the Fire Dept need to access the hydrant. Make sure lid can open without hitting any vehicle that frequently stops by the hydrant curb.
  2. Handles of the bins should face the street so Sanitation workers can quickly pull the bins to the truck; also, so that people can continue to add, safely, from the sidewalk side.
  3. Loosen the liners from the rim so that when the bins are unloaded the liners are less likely to stay attached to the bins. It also facilitates Sanitation to unload quickly and cleanly.

After Pickup

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Brown Bins Quantity: 5 —Started with 1 brown bin 11/17/2018; Added 2 more 6/7/2019; +2 more 2/2020 (requested 2/14/2020).

Children's Garden — a GreenThumb community garden on 12th St & Ave B, southwest corner, East Village NYC
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