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Children's Garden

If you would like to volunteer (volunteers are needed all year round) either email us or visit us at the garden during our upcoming garden activities or during open hours (Apr 1st - Oct 31st, see below).

April 6, 2019 Saturday
at the Children's Garden (12th St & Ave B) and El Sol Brillante community garden (12th Street between Ave A & B, middle of the block, south side of the street).
This workshop will focus on vermicomposting (worm composting) with bokashi.
We will also make bokashi with wheat bran.
We will start at the Children's Garden (544 E 12th St) and end at El Sol Brillante (526 E 12th St).
For more information, visit

(Signing up lets us know how many to expect, but it's optional--people can just show up.)

Information on this garden's composting activities can be found in the Info & History section.

Upcoming Garden Activities

Open to anyone who would like to volunteer and help.

Activities may include composting (treating food waste, feeding worm bins, sifting compost, etc.), treating soil, mulching, picking up garbage throughout the garden, and watering. You can focus on one or more activities depending on time. We have garden/work gloves or you can bring your own.

CG - Children's Garden, 12th St & Ave B, southwest corner
ESB - El Sol Brillante community garden, 526 E 12th St, middle of the block, south side of the street
Our composting and other garden activities involve both gardens with shared resources and volunteers.

To confirm that you'll be coming or if you would like to be notified whenever we update the garden activities schedule, please email us. Otherwise, please check this website for changes and the next set of dates (next month's dates).

Updated: 3/12/2019

Mar 13 Wed 1 - 3 pm at CG

Mar 16 Sat 1 - 4 pm at CG and/or ESB

Mar 18 Mon 3 - 5 pm at CG

Mar 19 Tue 3 - 5 pm at CG

Mar 20 Wed 1 - 3 pm at CG

Mar 23 Sat 3 - 6 pm at CG and/or ESB

Mar 25 Mon 3 - 5 pm at CG

Mar 26 Tue 3 - 5 pm at CG

Mar 27 Wed 1 - 3 pm at CG

Mar 30 Sat 1 - 4 pm at CG and/or ESB

Open Hours

Between April 1st - October 31st

Open hours scheduling (Google spreadsheet, opens in a separate window).

Open Hours - weather permitting
updated 7/23/2018

Visitors Welcome during open hours and whenever gate is open.

Mondays4 pm - 6 pm
Tuesdays3 pm - 6 pm
Wednesdays12 pm - 2 pm
Thursdays6 pm - 8 pm
Saturdays3 pm - 6 pm
Sundays6 pm - 8 pm

See Activities for how we maintain our garden and the things you can do to help.

Info & History

Food Waste Treatment - Composting

Amount of food waste treated with bokashi at Children's Garden and El Sol Brillante: ESB-CG Quantity Food Waste

Bokashi Composting History at El Sol Brillante and Children's Garden

Composting Grant 2016

from the Citizens Committee For NYC
Project materials list: ESB-CG Composting Grant 2016 (Google spreadsheet, opens in a separate window)
Additional information to follow (items to build: worm bins, trommel sifter for both the Children's Garden and El Sol Brillante).

Children's Garden - a GreenThumb community garden on 12th St & Ave B, southwest corner, East Village NYC
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